Modern Horizons 2

This set comprises 303 regular cards, including 101 commons, 100 uncommons, 78 rares, and 24 mythic rares, along with randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. Cards new to Modern and reprints are numbered from #001 to #261, while reprints new to Modern are numbered from #262 to #303. Alternate card frames are assigned different numbers from their original versions. Borderless planeswalkers are numbered from #304 to #306, with other borderless cards following from #307 to #326. Showcase “sketch cards” are numbered from #327 to #380, retro frame cards from #381 to #441, and cards with extended artwork from #442 to #480. Bundle basic lands are numbered from #481 to #490, the Buy-a-Box card is #491, and the Bundle promo is #492. MH1 retro frame cards, exclusive to Collector Boosters, are separately numbered from #1 to #40 without a set code.

The set features all five enemy-colored fetch lands at rare and includes them in regular Draft Boosters. Both Set and Collector Boosters offer extended art versions and retro card frame treatments for the fetch lands and many other cards. Showcase “sketch cards” display the artist’s initial sketch of the main card artwork and are exclusive to new cards. Instead of flavor text, these cards may include excerpts from the art description sent to the artists during the creation of each card’s artwork, provided there is space.